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Student Finance

To study in the UK you will need to pay tuition fees for your course and living costs like accommodation, travel, food and your social life.

Undergraduate study

Tuition fees

Whatever type of course it is – whether academic, performing arts or teaching training – these are the maximum tuition fees you have to pay each year. Some course providers charge less, but many charge the full amount.

For EU applicants maximum tuition fees vary by country – some course providers charge less than the full amount:

  • up to £9,000 per year in England and Wales
  • up to £3,575 per year in Northern Ireland
  • free in Scotland

For other international applicants tuition fees vary by course provider.

Financial support

If you are an EU applicant you might be able to apply for financial help with your undergraduate tuition fees and living costs. Check the student finance website for the UK region you want to study in to see if you qualify for funding:

Postgraduate study

Tuition fees differ vary by course provider – check their website or contact them for more info.

  • Students from outside the EU will have to pay the full cost, but some course providers have scholarships available.
  • Normally EU students are charged less than the full tuition fee, with the difference made up by public funding received by the course provider.
  • If you are studying for an equivalent or lower qualification to one that you already hold, you will probably have to pay the full cost.


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