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Do I need to apply for a VISA?

EU Nationals: You can enter the UK freely by showing your Passport or National Identity Card, and do not need to get a visa before travelling to the UK. Remember that your dependants may need to obtain entry clearance if they are not EEA Nationals.

Non EU Nationals: You can potentially apply for one of three types of visa in order to study in the UK. Just be aware that you might be interviewed as part of the visa application process.
You will have to show your passport to University staff upon enrolment to provide evidence of your immigration status. If you do not have a valid visa that enables you to study or evidence that you have applied for your Tier 4 Student Visa then you will not be able to enrol, even if you have already completed online enrolment.

How long will it take to get my visa?

The time it takes to get your visa will depend on the visa application centre you apply to.

Do I need to register with the police?

If you have to register with the police, your visa will have been stamped to show this. Always check your visa even if you think you do not have to register, as the Entry Clearance Office sometimes stamps your passport even if your country is not on the list.

How much will it cost me lo live in the UK?

It is very difficult to estimate an individual's living costs as we all have different lifestyle requirements and spending habits.
However, as a general guideline, we provide you with an estimate of average costs for accommodation and living expenses for a single student over a 40 week period.

Expenditure Cost
Rent at average of £90/week (incl. utility bills - heating, electricity, water) £ 3,600
Food at average of £30/week £ 1,200
Books and other material £ 400
Leisure/social (entertainment, going out) at average of £40/week £ 1,600
Other general expenses (phone, washing, clothing) £ 1,200
Total average estimated costs £ 8,000

Can I open a bank account in the UK?

The majority of international students are eligible to open a 'basic' bank account at a number of different banks and in some cases, may be eligible for a 'current' or 'student' account.

In order to open an account you will need proof of your identity and confirmation of your address in the UK.

  • For proof of identity you may use your passport, National Identity Card if you are from an EU country or Biometric Residence Permit if you are from a non-EU country.
  • As evidence of your current address you could request a letter from your university/college stating that you are enrolled as a student and confirming your UK address. A tenancy agreement or student accommodation contract may also be acceptable.


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